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Are you interested in learning how to repair musical instruments?  Would you like to complete your own Clean, Oil, and Adjust on your instrument?  Do you have a flute, piccolo, or oboe that you'd like to work on or that you'd like help troubleshooting?  


Jay is currently offering a limited number of one-on-one private lessons to anyone at any level. From beginners looking to learn how to complete minor repairs to more advanced students perhaps working to become a fully licensed repair technician - lessons can be individualized to focus on your goals and what you are interested in learning.

The fee for private lessons is $125 per hour.  Beginners should book 2 hours for the first lesson; however, if you feel after an hour you need time to absorb the concepts or practice what was covered, you may cancel the second hour without penalty.

Lessons are booked during weekdays, usually in the afternoons.  For more information or to book your first instrument repair lesson, please fill out out Contact Form.


Interested in learning how to DIY basic repairs to your flute? How about troubleshooting those pesky student flute repairs quickly & more efficiently? 

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