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Packaging: Wrap your flute in its case, or case and case cover with bubble wrap creating a cushion at least 2" thick [large 1" bubble wrap is best but any bubble wrap will do]. Tape the bubble wrap securely with shipping tape, but don't over do it as we will want to re-use it when returning your flute. Place the wrapped flute in a 20" x 8" x 8" box, or larger. Fill all gaps tightly with crushed newspaper and tape all seams closed with shipping tape. 


Insurance: Be sure that your flute is insured during shipping to and from The Ontario Flute Centre. If you do not have a specific insurance policy on your flute, check with your agent to see if it is covered by your home or renters' policy. You may need an additional rider. Do not purchase insurance from the shipping company. Your flute is fully insured by The Ontario Flute Centre while under repair, but not in transit.

Shipping: do not ship your flute until you have booked an appointment. Ship your flute using Canada Post or Purolator only. Overnight service, if available is best, but choose the service that suites your budget. It is absolutely imperative that you require a signature! Include your phone number with your return address, and our phone number in the shipping address. Write in large bold letters "!!DO NOT SAFE DROP!!" below the shipping address. Once you have shipped your flute, contact us with the tracking number by email or text.

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